Staffing and placements

Our Staffing (Professional Consultancy) services helps our Client to get source, recruit and manage their most important assets – Human Resources. We do have an extensive experience in sourcing teams to service clients.

Staffing Service MODELS

  1. Temporary Staffing  
  2. Permanent Staffing
  3. Long Term Contact Staffing
  4. Project Staffing

Candidature of applications will come through the experienced team who will screen each candidate individually and make certain that they meet the exact criteria client companies are looking for 

Our effective recruitment service gives the client the flexibility to rely on one source for resources and provides the edge required to ensure that team dynamics works to the advantage of the client both in terms of quality and cost.

Staffing expertise

  1. Understand requirements – Account manager works closely with client to identify the needs and get consultants with right technical skill sets and cultural fit.
  2. Evaluate pool of candidates – Our internal bench and existing up-to-date database of available resources.
  3. For internal bench resource – Our SME / Technical lead will do the assessment.
  4. For external resource – Second level interview completed by Client’s SME / Technical Lead
  5. Submission for Customer review and Customer interview.
  6. Communication with Customer on capabilities and feedback to get right fit.
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